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So you want to start yoga, but up until now:

Beginner's Guide to Starting Yoga Intro Video

This guide is perfect for the yoga admirer who wants to begin a yoga practice but feels overwhelmed with where and how to start.


○  Have a clearer understanding of what yoga is and the many benefits it can add to your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

○  Learn the different styles of yoga and which one is right for you.

○   Understand the Pros and Cons of an "At-Home" vs "Studio" Practice.

○  Get the 10 Most Frequently Asked Yoga Questions, answered!

○ Get moving with an introduction to the 10 yoga poses that make up Sun Salutation A and B. 

○  and more....

My yoga practice saved my life.



Tie Simpson is a Mother of two, Founder and CEO of Sisters of Yoga, Mindful Yoga Coach, Movement Artist, and Wellness Content Creator for her conscious lifestyle brand, Hippie Heathen. As the CEO of Sisters of Yoga, she oversees the brand image, operations, expansion, programs, policies, and procedures of the company.

Tie is a bright torch light, affectionately known as ‘Hippie Heathen’ in the social media world, where she serves as a guide for yoga living, self-healing, spiritual expansion, and sprinkles of conscious parenting. Her free-spirit, transparency and shared wisdom inspires transformation in women seeking to show up for themselves, ultimately cultivating a more healthier, happier, and intentional life.

When she's not leading the Sisters of Yoga team, creating wellness content, or helping her minis with school projects, she can be found island-hopping, free flowing on her yoga mat, making acai bowls or eating french fries.